To give back, Highrack Studios is passionate about supporting the community from a social and environmental perspective. 



Highrack Studios is thrilled to announce we have partnered with i=Change, donating $1 AUD from every order placed to the charity of your choice.

After checking out on our site, the i=Change platform will appear, where you then have the option to choose where your donation goes from a range of NGOs. i=Change is also 100% transparent allowing you to 'Track your impact' and see how much your purchase has helped raise and where it's going, in real-time.

One Tree Planted

In addition, Highrack Studios also pledges $200 USD per month to plant 200 trees. We use recycled paper within our business, so we believe it’s our duty to participate in reforestation efforts across the globe.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. Every 1 USD donated helps to plant 1 tree.

They plant trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia. 

Thank you for supporting Highrack Studios and helping us give back to our Mother Earth and community.

Please see below our Tree Planting Certificates:

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